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WOW!APR 13, 1998 - Fixed Stars & Constellations is a treasure trove of information on the stars and constellations astrologically considered, and we have Anne Wright to thank for it. Here you'll "discover the traditional astrological influences of 290 fixed stars and 57 constellations," and you can "explore the 6500 specific influences categorized under 40 subject titles." If that sounds like a tremendous amount of information, let me assure you that this website merits those claims!

Want to know what stars are in a given sign? Click on the sign's name, and get yourself a table listing the stars by name and degree (with precession corrections for the years 1900 and 2000). Or immerse yourself in the history of the stars, astrologically considered (complete with suggested orbs for their use and much more). There's also a bibliography if you'd care to follow up on the subject in depth. And there are some 48 categories for which Anne has compiled information on the meaning of particular stars. For example - everybody's gonna click on this one - under the category of sexuality, we find that Sirius is associated with ardor (seems to be a simple sign error in the year 2000 zodiacal longitude for Sirius in the table). And if the star Alphecca is rising in your chart - 11-12o Scorpio - well that might just go a ways toward explaining your bisexual tendencies. Or so the table says, at any rate. Aside from sex, there are those 47 other categories I'm sure you'll get round to exploring later. They include occupations, weather, Tarot trumps, crime, accidents and injuries and a whole lot more.

A virtual online encyclopedia, Anne Wright's Fixed Stars & Constellations packs a lot of information on a fascinating astrological topic into an easy to use website. Check it out!

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