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WOW!APR 6, 1998 - AstroCoach is the website of Dr. Dinnah G. Pladott, who combines astrology with Jungian psychology to enhance her clients' capacity for leadership and creativity in problem solving, and increase their ability to deal with transition and change. She's a mentor, in short, and through exploring her site you can get a pretty fair idea of her approach. Part of that approach is a focus on the idea of coaching itself: a kind of life-trainer, the coach helps one to reach and exceed one's potential.

Apart from being an attractive website in its own right, AstroCoach offers lots of goodies to explore. Check out the section on Jungian Astrology, for example: a contemporary definition of the cosmic craft as a helping profession. And for a look at the here and now - and how it might relate to you - don't miss the Current Transits section. Just for fun - well, it's fun but it just might be more than that - check out the free single-card Tarot reading!

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