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WOW!MAR 30, 1998 - EQUINOX @ The Astrology Shop is billed as the first and by far the largest shop in the world dedicated to astrology. It's certainly diverse, as you'll discover exploring this website. This is first and foremost a bookshop, and that means you can do your astrological literature shopping here online of course: check their booklist by author, subject or title and see if something doesn't catch your fancy. And don't miss gazing upon their lunar calendar, a cosmically beautiful 12 x 32" silver and blue print that can grace your wall and keep you attuned to the universe all at once. There are astrological articles online for the reading of course: timely and topical tidbits to stimulate your cosmic thinking. A sun sign-free zone, this is a shop that's bound to appeal to beginners and old hands alike . . .

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