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WOW!MAR 16, 1998 - The Long Island NCGR Chapter may have the best designed local astrology group's website I've run across yet. For one thing, there's the layout. It's a framed site, but one of the few that doesn't feel cramped. Clean and attractive design, rare as that is, can only go so far. Fortunately, the LINCGR site has more going for it than that. Of course it includes all the necessary who-what-where-when stuff to make the site an excellent point of contact and communication for chapter members and others in the area who may be interested. (If you think that's so obvious as to merit no mention, you haven't seen many websites.) For us 'out of area' types - who are after all the vast majority, this being the WORLD WIDE Web - there are other features worth exploring. For example, there's a small but (I think) growing online Reference Library, which currently includes four entries: one each on the astrological meaning of the sun, moon, Part of Fortune and essential dignities. From the still-unlinked entries for the other planets, asteroids, etc. it's apparent that further expansion is planned. Links that lead to blank pages where a software review and article of the month should be also portray a website that is just getting started . . .

The Long Island NCGR Chapter website shows a lot of potential. Here's hoping it grows into it - because if it lives up to its promise, this will be one spot on the Web that you'll want to bookmark for sure.

JUL 22, 1999 UPDATE The Long Island NCGR Chapter's website seems to have gone down for the count. Too bad. If it's resurrected, and I hear about it, I'll let you know . . .

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