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WOW!MAR 2, 1998 - AstroHut has a cute Pizza Hut-meets-horoscope theme, with its logo that combines pizza slices and a chart wheel. (Click on a slice, and serve yourself!) But that's not why I'm bringing it to your attention. This site also offers a well written biweekly column (Daily Planets) describing the astrological signature of each day - the 'feel' of the cosmos on a daily basis, as it were. Breezy and personable as the column is, that's not why I'm pointing you to AstroHut either. No, the reason I'm featuring AstroHut this week is because it offers something people have asked me about, but I've never found until now: an online ephemeris. (Thanks to Cindy O for bringing this one to my attention, and thanks to AstroHut webmaster 'Glaucus Dukakis' for making this resource available.) All of 1998 is there for your perusal. Just click on the month of your choice - March, for example - and there's your ephemeris, ready to print or download as you please. Each is a great big beautiful image (a 30kb GIF file produced by Matrix's WinStar Plus software) that loads quickly and gives you once a day positions for the sun, moon and all the planets (for midnight GMT).

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