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WOW!FEB 23, 1998 - Gerald Jay Markoe's Astromusic is some real ear candy, with a celestial theme. This is New Age electronic music, synthesizer stuff. If you don't think that's your cup of tea, have a listen first before writing Markoe off. He's an award winning composer whose work is celebrated not only among those of us in the astrological community, but in the musical community at large as well. (Gerald has received ASCAP awards for his scores to theatrical productions.) Thanks to Tunes - think of it as an online audio store - you can check out Gerald's work for yourself.

If you have the latest version of RealPlayer - and if you don't you can get it free from the link below - then you can try some of Gerald's music online. Several cuts from two of his collections can be sampled in real time at the Tunes website. Six tracks from Heavenly Relationships are there for the listening, as well as seven cuts from Baroque Angels. (Both are available on CD or cassette, and you can order right online if you wish.) Heavenly Relationships is some kind of meditational guide, complete with promptings from a beautiful but - to me at least - intrusive female voice. Don't get me wrong, I love women and the female voice is music to my ears. But when I want to listen to music, that's all I want to do: listen to music - with NO voice-overs. Which is probably why I found Baroque Angels much more to my liking: purely instrumental, and an echo of one of my favorite musical periods anyway . . . really quite celestial!

NOTE: If you don't have an up to date copy of RealPlayer, you can download the latest version (5.0) free from the Real Networks site. Incidentally, check Tunes for more online music sampling and shopping - they've got all kinds of music at competive prices . . . including another of my favorite New Age composers, John Serrie, whose Flightpath is often spinning out sounds from my PC's CD player as I work.

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