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WOW!FEB 16, 1998 - Horoscopes From Comedy Central - Now HERE'S some genuine sun sign astrology. Which is to say a spoof, a farce, a bunch of silliness . . . and a bit of fun, if a bit corny. The Karma Central crew at Comedy Central got this one right. Looking up into the heavens to discover destiny in sun signs, they tripped and fell on their funny bones. Check out your own horoscope, it's bound to be a hoot. For example, here's mine for this week . . .

Comedy Central's Pisces artworkAll month long the planet Venus will be visible in the night sky at a brilliant magnitude. Any Pisces worth their salt knows that Venus is the planet of LOVE. Unfortunately Pisces, you are still on Earth. If you were on Venus in the next two weeks, our charts show that things would be sizzling HOT. Not sexually hot, but just, like... hot. If this sounds appealing, remember that winter will end, and that scooting off to another planet canít solve all your problems. What can solve all your problems? Nothing. But ginger ale with a splash of cranberry juice can do wonders.

Never mind that Venus is a morning star at the moment - the clowns at Comedy Central couldn't care less, because they know that sun signs are nothing more than a funny fallacy . . . more power to 'em!

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT be alarmed by the test of the Emergency Astrology System . . . it's only a test! (Pass me the ginger ale and a couple of cranberries, would you please?)

MORE IMPORTANT (EVEN THAN YOUR SUN SIGN) NOTE: If you're a certifiably sick puppy - I'm not admitting to anything here - then check out the South Park stuff while you're visiting Comedy Central, including the free downloads.

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