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WOW!FEB 9, 1998 - Archetypal Astrology starts out soothing, with its pale green marbelized background, panels of mythical imagery and tiles of Renaissance splendor. No jazzy Java here, no savvy JavaScript, no scintillating Shockwave. Go a little deeper, and it's solace for the soul, as Michael McLay draws you into his regenerative vision of an astrology that blends with Jungian archtypes to quell the bedlam of mundane existence . . . permitting, perhaps, a revelation of the self in the cosmos and the cosmos in the self. If you're looking for easy answers flipped like patties at a burger joint, forget it: this is gourmet stuff to be sniffed and swished and savored. Archetypal Astrology offers brief glimpses into a vision of the horoscope as a mandala of the soul . . . reason enough to stop by, as I reckon it.

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