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WOW!FEB 2, 1998 - Out of This World is a site for sore eyes, a reminder of times when the heavens were the book of humanity, replete with myths and images that revealed us to ourselves and filled us with awe and wonder for all that is. Here you'll find classical star maps from the great celestial atlases of the past - beautiful images of mythical and animistic characters. These images come from a collection of 43 star atlases, covering the period from the late 15th to early 18th Centuries: Bayer's Uranometria, Bode's Uranographia and Cellarius's Harmonia macrocosmica among them. It's celestial eye candy with a touch of Mother Goose, the kind of thing to wake up one's sense of wonder. And with so many images, it's also the kind of thing to make anyone wish for a faster modem. But it's worth every bandwidth-bustin' baud, in my estimation!

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