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WOW!JAN 26, 1998 - New Age Web Works is a directory of World Wide Websites of the New Age genre. If it's astrology, crop circles, meditation, metaphysics, spirituality, Tarot, UFOs, Wicca and the like, chances are you can find it here with a search engine that's about as fast as any I've used anywhere. (It should be fast, since it's based on the Excite search engine.) Or if you prefer you can view all their entries by category in the Master Index. There's also an Events Calendar, a listing of various New Age seminars, tours, workshops etc.: find one that interests you, click on the corresponding link and get all the details. And there's more as well: chat rooms, fun stuff and the New Age Top 100 list - a monthly catalog of the 100 most popular websites in the entire New Age Web Works directory. (Astropro has made the list for the last couple of months, despite a complete lack of promotion in the New Age Directory.) While there's no such thing as a complete directory, this one is about as comprehensive a listing of New Age websites as I have found on the World Wide Web - definitely worth a look-see in your pursuit of all things metaphysical.

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