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WOW!JAN 12, 1998 - Urania Trust, when I first reviewed it, billed itself as "the Website for the thinking astrologer!" Cerebral snob appeal is alive and well even this, the Era of the Great Dumbing-Down, I guess. Let me see, what does that make all the other astrology sites on the Web? On the other hand, there's smart and then there's wise. To this day - and it's been over thirty years now - I still recall the graffiti I came upon while riding around the Gainesville (FL) student ghetto. Obviously the handiwork of a philosophy major who saw through Descartes' single-mindedness, it read: Copulo ergo sum. Maybe the thinking astrologers don't have all the fun . . . and maybe that's why Urania Trust had dropped the "thinking astrologer" tagline when I stopped in at their new URL in July 1999.

Be that as it may, Urania Trust is most definitely a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in the cosmic craft. It features an online guide to astrological organizations, schools, software and services - heavy on the British stuff (this is a UK trust after all) - but with a smattering of stuff from here and there 'round the world as well.

A sophisticated example of webcrafting, Urania Trust is not - although greatly improved as of July '99, quite attractive in its new incarnation. It's more in the way of an online astrology catalog - not particularly Web-savvy, but a valuable reference in its own right. Be sure to bookmark it, so you can find your way back!

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