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WOW!JAN 5, 1998 - Astrology: A Retelling is Susanna Dorr's thoughtful, lovingly crafted and quiet spirited (and yes, quite spirited too) introduction to the cosmic craft. It's a wonderful website to explore and ponder, regardless of your level of astrological experience. And there's a lot to explore too, because this is a virtual online book. (Many sites are shallow in that they lack much content. This one is deep not only in terms of the amount of content, but also for the author's thoughtful and reflective treatment of her subject.) If it's true, as my friend Bob Siegel over at Access: New Age says, that the three most important components of any website are "content, content, content" - well, then Astrology: A Retelling is amply stocked.

"At its best," Dorr writes, "astrology weaves together art and science." She does the same with her website, starting you out with an orientation that connects everyday experience to the cosmos, and then going on to lead you into an exploration of basic astrological principles: zodiacal signs (and the distinction between them and constellations), lunar phases and more. It all reads well, it's illustrated (occasionally with animations) and it's elegantly understated: a website you don't want to miss if you have any interest in astrology at all, whether you're an enthusiastic novice, an old pro or a determined critic.

I'm sure all names are symbolic, and the occasional failure to recognize this is nothing more than a lack of imagination or interest on our part. It doesn't take much imagination to see the symbolism in Susanna Dorr's name, given that she has an evident knack for perceiving and understanding the cosmic connection - and more importantly, for communicating her vision of that most essential interface. Explore Astrology: A Retelling yourself, and see if it doesn't open a door or two for you . . .

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