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WOW!DEC 15, 1997 - AstroVantage is a refreshing astrology site by Karen Bolander, a presence on the Web that does astrology as well as the author proud. No sun sign lunacy here, just intelligent astrology informed by obvious spiritual depth. AstroVantage excels in form, content (what there is of it), and design - a combination that makes this a must-see site on the World Wide Web. (And I don't often say that about a framed site.) Features include regularly updated lunation forecasts and timely cardinal ingress forecasts - of a very personal philosophical and metaphysical nature, it should be noted; there's also a brief daily forecast, an annual (Eastern time) calendar of lunations, and an astrological glossary. (AstroVantage is affiliated with Barnes & Noble, so you can do your bookshopping from an onsite link.) Okay, so this site is a tease for an online bookstore . . . but it's a tasteful tease.

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