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WOW!DEC 1, 1997 - And In The Dark is one of the best MIDI music sites I've come across in my wanderings round the Web, and it's way too good not to share with you. I'm not a real fan of MIDI, because so much of it is at best only Muzak. But there is such a thing as good MIDI, stuff you wouldn't mind actually paying attention to. That's what I found at And In The Dark. The music is free for the downloading and you can play it on your PC's MIDI player, or sample it online if you're running a MIDI plug in such as the Live Update Crescendo Player. If you don't already have a MIDI plug-in, you can download one free at And In The Dark.

The music is what it's all about, of course. And In The Dark features an eclectic mix: Enya, the Beatles, Vivaldi, Roxette and Chris Isaak - just to name a few - and a good-size selection of each. There's plenty enough well-mixed music here to set you up with a day-long playlist, if that's what you'd like. Apart from the fine free music, Brad McCall has created an attractive site that's a pleasure to visit in its own right.

And if you're wondering what MIDI music has to do with astrology, just remember what hath charms to soothe a savage breast . . . After a grueling day - or to keep it from getting that way - there's something to be said for listening to some sonic creations.

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