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WOW!NOV 24, 1997 - Desktop Themes Heaven is the best single source of its kind I have yet found anywhere on the Web. If you're a Windows 95/NT user with Windows Plus, you know that desktop themes can be a real monotony-breaker on your computer. Each theme more or less completely changes the entire computer experience, with its own unique multimedia ambience. I must have a couple dozen themes installed on my machine, including a few I've done myself - and most of the others came from Desktop Themes Heaven.

There are plenty of similar sites where you can download free desktop themes. What sets this one apart is first the size of its collection - HUGE - and second its thumbnail previews of each theme's background. With few exceptions - and then only with featured themes - other sites leave you to guess at what a desktop theme is like solely on the basis of its title. Here you get an advance peek. Granted, that tells you nothing about the cursors, sound files etc. you'll get with a particular theme. But it's something, at least. From TV and movie themes to celebrity themes to cartoons - I got a nice South Park theme here! - and on to landscape and location themes and more, Desktop Themes Heaven is a great place to pick up free 'changes in attitude' for yourself and your PC.

So what might desktop themes have to do with astrology? Nothing at all, except for the fact that astrology today is done on computers - and a computer with an interesting multimedia flair of the sort a good desktop theme can provide is a great deal more pleasant to use!

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