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WOW!NOV 17, 1997 - Astrology World is a wonderful educational resource for astrophiles on the Net. Here you'll find articles by such luminaries as Liz Greene and Noel Tyl, along with excellent work by several other astrologers who, while presently they may not have the name recognition of the first two cited, someday probably will. There's plenty enough reading material here to keep you busy for a very long time, with articles for all levels of astrological interest and development - well written, attractively formatted, good stuff.

Speaking of stuff, Astrology World has links to free (and in some cases low cost) astrology resources scattered all over the World Wide Web. These include screensavers, astrological fonts, and chart calculation resources (latitude/longitude and time standards lookups, even online chart calculation engines), and more. And there's a host of links to commercial astrological outfits as well, in the Astrology Mall section.

There's a sense of community about Astrology World as well, with its online forum (post your own message, respond to those already posted, etc.), chat room (which uses Paradise Chat System software) and astrology club. Web designer Deborah Houlding has done it up right, and done herself proud in the process.

Astrology World is attractively designed, amply stocked and well thought-out - definitely a site to see!

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