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WOW!NOV 10, 1997 - Samsung's Free Downloads is a site I discovered many months ago, and just rediscovered after rebuilding my computer system. I was looking for some attractive new desktop wallpaper and screensavers, now that my old Windows 95 machine has been transformed into a Windows 95-1/2 hybrid with the addition of some of the Windows 98 features Microsoft bundles with Internet Explorer 4.0. I still prefer my Netscape (Communicator Pro 4.03) browser, but that Microsoft active desktop is pretty impressive. (When it isn't being active to the point of freakin' instability!)

Anyway, I remembered having found some beautiful Asian themed screensavers and wallpaper at the Samsung site, so I went back and downloaded a slew of them. I found a few in each category that were, in my estimation at least, definite keepers. If you're looking to freshen up your Windows 95 (or NT) desktop, check out the Samsung offerings. They're free, and a few are really pretty impressive. Be sure to download the .BMP file version in the pixel size appropriate for your monitor; i.e. 800x600, 1024x768, etc. (It's a piece of cake to airbrush Samsung's 'signature' out of a .BMP file using Microsoft's Paint applet.) Have a look at the "MOUNTAIN" or "MOUNTAIN3" wallpaper, the "LIVE FREE" and "SNOW" and "ORCHID" screen savers. Alas, you won't be able to see them until AFTER you download and install them - Samsung provides no previews, only descriptions. (Which is why I provided you with a thumbnail sketch of the mountain scene I liked and downloaded - see above.)

No, I didn't find anything especially astrological about any of these desktop decorations. Looking at charts all day as I do, it feels nice to look at something natural and primitive once I shut down the astrology software. Try it!

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