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WOW!NOV 3, 1997 - Chinese Zodiac Greeting Cards is a fun site to visit and to share with friends. The quickest way to share this site with friends is to send them their own Chinese zodiac greeting cards, of course. If you know the birth year of the person to whom you wish to send a card, you can find the corresponding animal sign: click on it, and you'll come to a page which includes a preview of the card and instructions for sending it. Use a select and copy (Control-C) on the URL for your card as instructed, then click on the greeting card service link - the rest is a piece of (birthday) cake. While you're looking around, you'll find some light and easy reading on the meaning of each of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. Each is handsomely illustrated and flourished with attractive Chinese calligraphy. (These illustrations are used in the greeting cards, by the way.)

Got time to kill, money to spend? Then click on the home link near the top of Chinese Zodiac Greeting Cards, and discover all the Asian merchandise offered at Good Orient Enterprise - of which the greeting card section is just a small part. Happy shopping!

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