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WOW!OCT 20, 1997 - Our Trip to Tibet is a change of pace, but I hope that won't stop you from visiting this site. What does a trip to Tibet have to do with astrology? I can think of a few things. For one, the trip was a pilgrimage of sorts by Michael Erlewine and family (Margaret and the kids). And if you don't know what Michael has to do with astrology you must be very new to this indeed. For starters, suffice it to say that he's an astrologer (among many other things), whose Matrix Software company has for something like 20 years been among the leaders in astrological programming for PCs. And then there's the fact that Michael's astrology is informed by who he is - which includes (again, among many other things) being a Buddhist of the Tibetan school. In addition, one purpose of the trip was to present some of the work Michael has been doing on Tibetan astrology.

Astrology aside, any pilgrimage is an adventure. And this one from all accounts was more adventurous than most. So you might like to visit Our Trip to Tibet and share in the adventure, even if you don't care about stuff like astrology, Buddhism, etc. Michael is an excellent writer, and his tales read well. The photos are a treat too, to say the least. It's a personal and personable odyssey, one I found fascinating. I hope you'll enjoy it too.

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