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WOW!OCT 6, 1997 - Chronobiology is yet another example of the Bard's wisdom: a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and no matter what you call the cosmic connection it's still astrology. In this case it's medical astrology as expounded by the Searle pharmaceutical company, of all people. Oh sure, they gently explain to you that what they're dealing with are biologic rhythms, and you won't find the "A word" anywhere on their site. Which makes it all the more fun to go through and find the manifestations of astrology there.

For example, on the page defining biologic rhythms, we read that "all forms of life on earth, including our bodies, respond rhythmically to the regular cycles of the sun, moon, and seasons." Yup, that's astrology. (Memo to Searle Legal Department: Have you considered a "For Entertainment Only" disclaimer, in case someone recognizes this stuff as astrology?) Of course, being a pharmaceutical giant, Searle isn't particularly interested in you as an individual human being. You're only a potential customer for the drugs they have developed, a statistic who sooner or later can be a consumer of medicines statistically evaluated in their laboratory studies. If that sounds heart-warmingly personal, you have grasped the gist of the scientific method, the industrial revolution and the whole of modern civilization. Congratulations! Now bring in the clones, since individuality and spirit count for nothing anyway . . .

Or maybe instead, bring back the gnosis, the mystery . . . the real astrology, the astrologers and shamans of old, the personhood and spiritual identity that once were a human's birthright. Unless of course you're content to fit into the circadian rhythms of statistics, a knowledge of which will make you oh so much better a consumer of pharmaceutical goodies. After all, we wouldn't want you to get a screwed-up blood pressure reading or take your medicine at the worst possible time, now would we?

Actually, the Searle site tickles the ironic hell out of me. But you knew that. And I knew you knew it, because that's my job.

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