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WOW!Predicitons for a New MillenniumSEP 22, 1997 - Predictions For A New Millennium is my esteemed colleague Noel Tyl's look at the 21st Century, and I'm pleased to recommend it to anyone who's the least bit curious about the shape of things to come. The link above will take you to the best online write-up I have found on this book, which happens to be at Amazon. (You'll have to key in the title to access it, or you can cut and paste it from here: Predictions For A New Millennium.) But you can also find it listed at several of the online bookshops linked under the Bookstore heading in the Astrology Section of Astropro's NetSelect Directory. Published a year ago now, this is some heady stuff - the kind of thing that would do Nostradamus proud, if only Nostradamus could write. Noel can, thank heaven, so his predictions are clear as a bell. You can actually understand what he prophesies while you're reading it. Covering the period from its publication (September 1996) to the year 2012, some of these predictions are bound to startle a lot of readers. For example, there's the upcoming Presidental assassination, the reunification of Korea, the last Pope, the next King of England. There's plenty more, all set in historical perspective in Noel's usual fashion. It's a grand and sweeping book, one I trust and hope you'll enjoy reading.

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