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WOW!SEP 8, 1997 - Gregorian/Julian Calendar Information is something I ran across while double-checking a couple of historical celebrities whose birth data appear here at astropro. A part of the Steinbrecher Astrological Data Collection site - featured in an earlier WOW award (JUN 23, 1997) - this is one of those online reference pages that you won't need often. But when you do need it, you'll thank Ed Steinbrecher and your lucky stars that it's there on the Net for you. In brief, it provides the information you'll need to convert between dates in the modern Gregorian calendar and the old Julian calendar. (The Gregorian calendar is also called the New Style calendar and abbreviated NS; likewise the Julian is also called the Old Style calendar and abbreviated OS.) Just so you'll know, all celebrity birthdates here at astropro are expressed as Gregorian (NS) with the exception of dates prior to October 5, 1582 - which are given as Julian (OS).

SEP 28 UPDATE The Steinbrecher Gregorian/Julian Calendar Information site has been moved from its original location on the Net, and the link provided with this review has been adjusted accordingly.

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