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WOW!SEP 1, 1997 - Catalog of Solar Eclipses is part of astronomer Fred Espenak's Eclipse Central website (featured in the OCT 14, 1996 Website Of the Week). This particular section provides a table of all solar eclipses from 2000 BCE (i.e. 2000 BC) to 3000 CE (i.e. 3000 AD), divided into 100-year intervals. For each eclipse there's a wealth of information, including UT time and date of greatest eclipse, Saros cycle number and more. The time coordinates make it easy to calculate the astrological chart for any of these eclipses - unless you don't have a program for doing this, in which case you'll want to see the Astrology Software Section of Astropro's NetSelect Directory. NASA-accurate and quick to download, Fred Espenak's solar eclipse tables are a great resource for astrologers and others with an interest in these storied alignments of earth, sun and moon. Good show, Fred - and thanks!

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