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WOW!AUG 25, 1997 - SETI@home is a must see for anyone interested in SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). The website is a collaboration of several astronomers and computer scientists, and is endorsed by the Planetary Society and the SETI Institute. Best of all, it can be a collaboration with YOU, if you're willing to participate. That's because the idea is to use "the Internet's 30,000,000 computers, acting together in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence." When the project gets underway - testing is slated to begin late in 1997, with operational status scheduled for the first quarter of 1998 - you'll be able to download a screen saver that will thereafter regularly log in, download and analyze SETI data from the Arecibo radio astronomy observatory (the world's largest radiotelescope). Your PC will actually be participating in The Search, reporting its analysis of SETI data each time it downloads raw material for the next analysis. Interested? Click over to SETI@home and leave your email address so they can notify you when the project is ready to begin! And for the time being, get the lowdown on the project while you're there. (For more SETI sites, see the Space Exploration Section of Astropro's NetSelect Directory.)

If you're wondering what SETI has to do with astrology, all I can say is that both deal with intelligence, the cosmos, and the human connection between the two. If that doesn't satisfy you, there's really nothing more I can add . . .

JUL 18, 1998 UPDATE: Having checked numerous times in the last several weeks, I am now of the opinion that SETI@home isn't - home, that is. The project, in short, seems to have gone kaput. If I find out anything more, I'll append it as an update to this review. And if YOU find out anything, please email me. Thanks!

AUG 31, 1998 UPDATE: SETI@home has re-emerged in collaboration with SERENDIP, UC Berkeley's SETI project. (All links at Astropro have been adjusted accordingly.) They're now planning to begin operating in late 1998. Let's hope!

MAY 14, 1999 UPDATE: SETI@home at long last now has its software ready for free downloading, in versions for Windows, Macintosh and Unix machines.

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