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WOW!AUG 18, 1997 - The Astrologer's Fund is a timely site this week, what with the Dow coming off it's second worst point drop in history. (A drop which was predicted by yours truly in the Astropro August forecast, mind you.) In brief, this is Henry Weingarten's website, and aside from tempting you with his professional services and his latest book (Investing by the Stars), there's a lot going on here that can be had just for stopping by - mainly in the way of market alerts Henry passes on gratis, based on his reading of the market and the cosmic environment. If you're wondering where the various markets are heading and how best you might capitalize on such trends, Henry Weingarten's opinions might give you pause for thought.

A word for visitors who have a hard time with the white text on Henry's home page: yes, it's a bit hard to read. Here's hoping Henry changes it soon - maybe to the cyan used elsewhere on that same page. The other pages at The Astrologer's Fund are much easier on the eyes, in my experience.

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