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WOW!AUG 11, 1997 - Dimension 4 is an aptly-named utility. It's also ingenious in design, easy to use, and completely free. What it does is automatically set your computer's clock for you, synchronizing it to any of the various standard reference clocks maintained by universities and laboratories around the world. (For example, the US Naval Observatory, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories, etc.: you get to pick your favorite.) Having an accurate clock on your system is more or less important to everyone, but it's pretty much critical to an astrologer. Download Dimension 4, email Rob Chambers an ecstatic thank-you note, install his program, and forever after your system clock will stay on track as long as you stay on the Net.

Programmer Rob Chambers is responsible for Dimension 4, and "distributes this application as freeware as part of a 'give back to the Internet' program." Last year some time I was telling my lovely wife Maria how some of the freebies at Astropro - you're reading one now - express the 'Spirit of the Net'. She high-fived me and let out the kind of victory shout seldom heard from women outside the dojo or a Conan movie; or maybe front row at a Chippendales show. I was taken aback, wondering what in the world had come over her, when Maria says "Yeah, spear to the net!" Then it dawns on me: this is Maria the gladiator talking, and she's gonna snare somebody in a net and then spear 'em when they're down. When I explained what I really meant the poor dear seemed disappointed. And now I suppose that if I don't explain to you that Maria and I have spent some time in dojos over the years, then you'll think we're both crazy . . . that, or you'll be convinced of it. (Anyway, DON'T mess with the woman!)

Speaking of the Spirit of the Net, I have to thank my longtime friend and college pal from way back Alan Meyers, for bringing Dimension 4 to my attention. Alan's an artist and software engineer, whose home page is forever changing . . .

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