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WOW!AUG 4, 1997 - Occasionally I get queries from clients, friends, astropro visitors and the like about the scientific validity of astrology. I like to point out two things in addressing such questions. First, that astrology is not scientifically valid - and that science has no personal relevance. And since one good turn deserves another I always have to ask, "Are you familiar with the sTARBABY debacle?" If not, or if you need a refresher, this is a website that will open your eyes and chill your blood, I should think.

To make a long story short, sTARBABY is the ugly tale told by an insider at CSICOP - the infamous Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. If you're unfamiliar with the CSICOP crew, suffice it to say that they are self-proclaimed radical rationalists, whose mission is to decry, ridicule and generally attempt to stamp out anything they consider 'unscientific'. Fortunately they have been unsuccessful so far. They should thank their lucky stars: since condemnation as opposed to investigation is hardly scientific, the CSICOPers are bound to be suicidal to the extent they are successful in their self-appointed crusade. This isn't rationalism, this is crude intellectual politics.

Anyway - sorry, I see it's already too late to make this long story short - sTARBABY the website tells what happens when a few bigoted scientists attempt to suppress evidence hostile to their prejudices . . . and what happens to dissenters who argue for real science in the face of propaganda and prejudice. ("Drink the Kool-Aid, Dennis," quoth the Amazing Randi.) I can report from private correspondence with some CSICOP members that at least one or two among them regret the whole sordid sTARBABY affair . . . but I have yet to see them go public about it.

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