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WOW!JUL 21, 1997 - TWINBASE is an online database for those interested in finding their 'astrological twin' (aka Time Twin); that is, someone who shares their birthdate. (Sprechen sie Deutsch? Gehen sie als Here's the deal: click on the hyperlink that takes you to TWINBASE, then scroll down (or search) the chronological listing until you either find your own birthdate, or don't find it. If the former, then you've found your Time Twin - whose listing presumably includes his or her email address so the two of you can chat and compare notes. If the latter, well then you struck out for now - in which case you might want to add your own birth data and email address to the catalog.

The lore of Time Twins is the subject of much speculation and not a little controversy in astrology. Do people who share similar horoscopes also share similar life patterns? There's lots of affirmative anecdotal evidence. Presumably, the closer the match between horoscopes, the closer the life parallels. TWINBASE aims at enabling people who share the same birthdate - Day Twins - to make contact. But what about people whose horoscopes are even closer than that? Years ago I proposed SAMS Twins - people whose Sun, Ascendant and Moon Signs are identical - as potentially far more alike than Day Twins. If TWINBASE grows over time, closer matches of the SAMS sort should start cropping up.

Incidentally, if you subscribe to the alt.astrology newsgroup - see the Selected Newsgroups category in the Astrology Section of Astropro's NetSelect Directory for details - then you can add your own data to TWINBASE. You do this simply by posting your year, month, day, time, location and email address to alt.astrology.

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