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WOW!JUL 14, 1997 - Midnight Software makes promotional screen savers using the current defacto standard After Dark engine. That's good to know if you need some promotional software made. But if you're anything like me you're much more interested in scarfing up a novel and cosmic FREE screen saver. So . . . how about a Red Planet fly-over, or a Sojourner trek through the Martian outback? They're not only free, they're animated and JPL-accurate. Which they should be, since NASA's JPL commissioned Midnight Software to make 'em. Click on over to Midnight and download one or both of these screen savers. They come in both Windows 95 and Mac flavors, with file sizes ranging from under a Megabyte to just over 1.5 Mb.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These screen savers do require After Dark's screen saver engine (Version 3.0 or greater). If you don't already have it, you can download it - and get yourself a nifty Web-based news retrieval service in the bargain - at After Dark's Download Center. It's all totally free! (The Windows 95 version is just under 3 Mb in size.) Once you install the After Dark Online screen saver, move the Midnight Software screen saver(s) of your choice into the After Dark folder. Then fire up your Martian screen saver using the controls appropriate to your system. (For example, in Windows 95, start control panel, then display, then screen saver, then select the After Dark folder and click on the Mars screen saver you want.)

So there you have it, three free downloads giving you two cosmic Red Planet screen savers, a screen saver engine and some extra goodies as well. Now that's a WOW!

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: By 2005, neither Berkeley Systems nor any current links to the After Dark screen saver engine could be found. Another one bytes the dust?

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