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WOW!JUN 2, 1997 - Vaults of Erowid is a bag of candy for mind and spirit, and it's completely lacking in any mention of astrology. Which is shortsighted, for a site that deals with spirituality. Still, as I have advocated long and hard at ACT Online, astrology needs an external discipline or force to bring out its spiritual potential. Vaults of Erowid is a virtual catalog of such disciplines and forces. It's fascinating, erudite, a site you can explore for many hours - if not days - both in terms of its onsite content and by means of its many links to related sites. (And those quotes, those wonderful quotes . . .)

An essential element to Vaults of Erowid is its espousal of what are termed entheogens; namely "mind-altering drugs . . . appropriate for [producing] states of shamanic and ecstatic possession." Take that or leave it as you will. In my own experience, the ultimate mind-altering drugs capable of producing the shamanic state are hormones manufactured by the body through the prolonged practice of various physical/spiritual disciplines. The other stuff works, and it's quicker for sure . . . and more dangerous, both physically and legally. Far be it from me to offer advice - let alone pass judgment - on such matters! Would that it were far from others too: this would be a freer world.

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