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WOW!MAY 26, 1997 - ACT Online is an idea whose time has come: on ongoing astrological conference in cyberspace. There are two ways to participate in ACT, either as part of a moderated email discussion, or by dropping in and visiting the website. (Doing the latter is a good way to get your feet wet.) If you follow astrology much, you're bound to recognize names you know among the participants - but the discussion is open to all. Unlike some astrology newsgroups, the discussion IS moderated, which tends to separate the wheat from the chaff. Topics discussed and debated to date include heliocentric astrology, the importance (or lack thereof) of external disciplines (e.g. meditation) to the practice of astrology, astrology's relationship to science, synastry (the astrology of relationships) and much more. This is participatory astrology in cyberspace, and you're a click away from taking part in it . . .

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