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WOW!APR 28, 1997 - Matrix Space Screen Savers make computerized astrology exactly what it should be - which is to say, FUN! There are twelve Windows 95 screen savers in all - one for each sign of the zodiac - each about 3/4 Megabytes free for the downloading. Or get the whole package free in a 2-1/2 Megabyte download, and switch signs whenever you feel like it. Installation is fool-proof - I mean, if I can do it it must be! - and takes only a minute or two. Then sit back and watch a gorgeous animated screen saver go to work for you. Right now - I'm having a Jupiter return in Aquarius, after all - I'm watching the glyph for Aquarius rotating as it slowly floats across a stellar background. (Kudos to graphic artist Stilian Pandev for those beautifully luminous glyphs!) Click on over to this site and scarf 'em up - you'll be glad you did!

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