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WOW!APR 21, 1997 - Sirius Astrological Services offers not only some commendable astrological products, but an attractive web-browsing experience as well. I've been a fan of Philip Levine's Cosmic Window personal astrological appointment calendar for, I don't know, ten years or so now. A visit to this website will show you why: it's a customized personal calendar showing aspects to your very own natal horoscope in a daily format. Of course you'll learn more about the whole Sirius Astrological Services line, but there's more than that to be discovered here - the mark of an excellent website. You also get some nice eye candy (a 17th Century skymap that, suitably washed out, might make excellent wallpaper for your desktop), and a most excellent article I do hope you'll read ("Mystery of Astrology"). A good product, a good website . . . a combination too good to pass up!

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