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WOW!APR 14, 1997 - S.O.S. Consulting is an astrology site and more. In this case, more means the many interests shared by C. Michael and Jacquie Smith: flutes, chat, New Age consciousness, air purifiers, computers and software, wearable art (coming Real Soon Now) and, well, more. At the S.O.S. site you'll find articles on astrology - this month's features include locational astrology and synastry (the astrology of relationships) - plus information on acrophonology software you can order by mail. (Acrophonology is an astrologically-based name analysis technique.) And of course there's online info about the astrology services offered by S.O.S. If you happen to catch Michael in the chat room when you visit, you might just get some hot birth data - he's been the source for a couple of timely celebrity charts featured on the astropro NEW! page this year. It all adds up to a personable and personal mix, a site you'll want to check out . . .

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