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WOW!APR 7, 1997 - Online Mystic Services is an attractive, multifaceted New Age website I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting. With a nice use of frames, it features astrology, palmistry, ESP, Tarot and more - lots more, including a monthly ephemeris, plus a sample chart and interpretive report based on celebrity data (e.g. Michael Jackson's baby in April of 1997).

As a rule, I'm not a great fan of framed sites. Too often, they take a screen that's already too small and hack it into utterly claustrophobic fragments. Online Mystic Services is that rare exception: a site that uses frames and yet retains a balanced, integral feel to it - a serenity of design that makes you forget you've been framed. Well done.

Webmasters Darryl & Judi Diggs and their son Derev have a nice site going here, with a good, personable feel about it. Check it out!

AUG 14, 1999 UPDATE: Somebody seems to have pulled the plug on Online Mystic Services. If the site comes back, I'll let you know.

AUG 24, 2001 UPDATE: Online Mystic Services is back, and all links in this review are adjusted for the new URL.

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