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WOW!MAR 31, 1997 - Zodiacal Zephyr is exactly what it claims to be, an astrological resource - an extraordinary one at that. Here you'll find links to more than 500 astrology websites (searchable by category, page name, author, email address, or keyword). On-site content includes downloadable ephemerides, latitude/longitude coordinates and nominal time standards (no Daylight or War time info though) for major US and world cities, a searchable database of celebrity birth data (over 2,000 timed births on file, 3,000 birth data in all), plus articles for your reading pleasure by Zodiacal Zephyr's Webmaster Sandra Rozhon (and others by Rob Hand, Carolyn Egan and Jim Joy). Software - both commercial and shareware - is available here as well. While the geographic and time standards information at Zodiacal Zephyr is far more accurately obtainable from Astrodienst Online - check out the September 16, 1996 WOW award in the WOW! Archive (see below) - that's the only caveat I feel obliged to raise. In summary, Zodiacal Zephyr is a real treasure trove for any astrologically minded denizen of the Net. It's definitely worth checking out, and well worth a bookmark!

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