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WOW!MAR 17, 1997 - Comet Hale-Bopp is Coming! is the single best astrological reference on Hale-Bopp I have found on the World Wide Web to date. Written by Mark Lerner and published in Welcome To Planet Earth magazine, the article has a number of indispensable features of interest to astrologers and students of the cosmic craft. Features include a dead-on accurate ephemeris (calculated by Mark Pottenger from the JPL RA/declination figures), a chart for Hale-Bopp's discovery, links to WWW Hale-Bopp resources, and a listing of print resources on the comet; as well as tips on where to find the comet in the night sky. Future installments - this brief article is planned as part one of a four-part series - promise to bring Mark's interpretation of the comet's astrological significance, so don't forget to bookmark this site!

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