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WOW!MAR 10, 1997 - Southern Utah Astrology & Books is a budding astrology site that's well worth a visit. Features include articles by John Hammelton on the basics of astrology, astrology and karma, and also sun sign forecasts - with a difference, or I wouldn't be bringing this site to your attention, since nobody in his/her right mind has any use for sun signs per se. The difference is that John breaks each sun sign into decanates - a decanate is one-third of a sign - giving a 36-sizes fit all forecast instead of 12-sizes fit all. A definite step in the right direction . . . You'll also find information on the Astrological Society of Southern Utah, links to other astrology sites, plus information on mail order astrological books and services. (The latter include reports based on one's own individual natal chart, i.e. real astrology as opposed to sun signs.) Good show, John!

NOV 15, 2010 UPDATE As I've written many times, change is the Tao of the Web. Thirteen years after this review first went online, I'm advised - thanks, Mary Louise - that Southern Utah Astrology & Books has morphed (and moved) into Sedona Astrological Center, which is where the original link now points. John Hammelton is still the site proprietor, and is still active in astrology - as a writer and researcher now. (He no longer offers astrological books and services.)

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