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WOW!MAR 3, 1997 - AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night has been a goldmine for me for a long time now, so I'm way past due in sharing it with you. It's astrologer AdZe MiXXe's award site, where you'll encounter his favorite websites. Of course AdZe's Cosmic Site points you to notable astrological resources on the Web, but there's a lot more to AdZe and his awards than astrology. Astrology is about the whole of the human experience, and so AdZe's picks are wide-ranging: political, family, martial arts, business, metaphysics, history, religion . . . you name it. Featured last month in The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition's February 19 issue, AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night is chock full of links, any number of which are bound to lead you to some fascinating junctions in the World Wide Web.

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