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WOW!FEB 3, 1997 - The Hubble Space Telescope system is a showcase for the wonder that is the Cosmos. That sense of wonder is part and parcel of the origins of astrology. I've been using the Hubble website from day one as a source for the images set as backgrounds here at Astropro precisely because they're so gorgeous and so cosmic. (If you've read the acknowledgments, you'd know that.) Exploring the images and accompanying text at the Hubble site is a feast for mind, eyes and spirit. You'll find images categorized by subject - my favorite tend to be the nebulae - by year released, and more. (Be sure to check out the latest release!) Whether for its intrinsic educational and aesthetic value or as a source for some truly cosmic wallpaper to paste up on your desktop, Hubble is always a great site to see . . .

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