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©2002 by Richard Nolle
last revised UT 23:32 OCT 31, 2002
If you were expecting some kind of sun sign nonsense, forget it. This is real astrology. See the section above. Please note: this forecast is expressed in terms of Universal Time (UT).

A SuperMoon, a lunar eclipse, a Venus retrograde and a couple of planetary stations: it adds up to lots of storm and seismic activity on the geophysical front this month. You'll see this in action from day one, what with the Moon's southward crossing of the celestial equator on the 2nd, followed almost immediately by the November 4 SuperMoon at 12 Scorpio. A SuperMoon, as regulars know by now, is a new or full moon that occurs when the Moon is at or near perigee (i.e. closest approach to Earth). Between the equatorial crossing and the SuperMoon, watch for headline-making storms and floods as well as moderate to severe seismic activity (including Richter 5+ quakes and volcanic eruptions) from November 1st through the 7th. (High winds, spectacular lightning and awesome auroral displays are on tap.) And then, with the Moon hitting its maximum southern declination on the 8th, the whole storm and seismic action thing stretches out into the 9th before conditions return to normal.

NOV 4 New Moon (SuperMoon)SuperMoons being planetary in scale, there's no place on Earth that's beyond the reach of the storm, flood and seismic potential associated with this month's alignment. If some areas are more vulnerable than others, astro-locality points out Alaska and Hawaii and the eastern Pacific region (including the Pacific Northwest coast); also the east coast of Brazil and northward into the mouth of the Caribbean; and along a northerly strip up central Africa into eastern Europe.

About all you can do if confronted with natural upheaval on this kind of scale is to be prepared. Have your emergency kit handy, your batteries fresh, your tank full and your pantry stocked. If travel is in your plans, don't be surprised if weather delays play havoc with your itinerary.

Uranus comes to its direct station at 25 Aquarius on the day of the SuperMoon, ending the retrograde that began back on June 2nd. I wouldn't make a fetish of the exact date of this station, since Uranus is within a degree of it all month long (and has been since roughly mid-September). That said, this combines with other factors to suggest an upswing in equity markets in November, continuing a trend which has been fairly steady since just before mid-October when Saturn went direct.

Bet on the dark horse, the long shot: that's the course of wisdom under a Uranus retrograde. Crooked rules and trick questions are where it's at.

NOV 20 Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse)Another upsurge in storm and seismic activity sets in from the 15th through the 17th, a day either side of Luna's November 16 northward equatorial crossing. And from there the geological and meteorological upheaval just intensifies, as the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series springs to life with the lunar eclipse at 28 Taurus on November 20. This full moon eclipse raises the planet-wide potential for flooding, storms and seismic activity from the 17th through the 23rd. Expect the usual for this kind of alignment: strong storms, flooding, and moderate to severe seismic activity (including Richter 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). While all of Planet Earth is in the crosshairs, Hawaii, Alaska and east Africa up into the Middle East show particular astro-locality vulnerabilities during this eclipse window. Other potential target areas include north-south zones bracketing Australia on the east and west, and from there northward through the Pacific up to east Asia; along with a similar north-south strip bisecting South America and running up to eastern Canada.

With the Moon reaching maximum northern declination on the last day of the eclipse window, figure that the storm and seismic stuff won't throttle back to normal until the 25th. Even at that, the month closes with a return to headline storms and floods and quakes. That's because the November 30th lunar equatorial crossing will be in effect from the 29th through December 1 - not to mention the December 4 solar eclipse effect, which is also already in effect as of November 29.

Close on the heels of this month's lunar eclipse comes the Venus station at 0 Scorpio on the 21st. This station brings to an end the Venus retrograde that began on October 10th. Venus doesn't reach the point where its retrograde began (16 Scorpio) until December 23, so you'll see lingering traces of this cycle until then. Venus' retrograde, as I explained last month, is not a good sign as far as consumer spending is concerned: people hang onto their money rather than spend it readily. Nor is it a good indication for corporate earnings: a great fear of adding to already high debt loads, or of taking on new debt in uncertain times. (These are not good omens for the financial markets.) About the only thing you can count on as being on the increase during this cycle is the price of energy - oil, gasoline, natural gas, etc. - and some other commodities, e.g. gold (and possibly copper as well). While improvement in all these areas should be noticeable after the 21st, it takes a few weeks for the change of atmosphere to take hold and take off. (Sneak thieves, embezzlers and clever evildoers are hard at it around the 30th: some get caught, some get away with murder.)


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