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©2002 by Richard Nolle
last revised UT 18:15 JUN 1, 2002
If you were expecting some kind of sun sign nonsense, forget it. This is real astrology. See the section above. Please note: this forecast is expressed in terms of Universal Time (UT).

Two eclipses and two planetary stations are the celestial highlights for June - with a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction tossed in at the outset for good measure, and a somewhat unsettling Mars-Jupiter alignment gathering steam as the month draws to a close. It's a bit of a mixed bag, with early June still under the shadow of last month's Saturn-Pluto opposition. That alignment remains with a few degrees of its May 26 exact point through the 14th: a continued sense of fear and foreboding on the military, political and financial fronts. At least, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the 3rd should signal a few rays of hope around then - good news that lifts markets and spirits for a short time, most likely.

JUN 10 New Moon (Solar Eclipse)Barring the outbreak of another major terrorist atrocity in the US or Europe, or outright war in the Middle East or South Asia, it does appear that major world markets will be trending modestly upward in June - especially in the first few days and then again in the second half of the month. (And this, despite some savvy profit-taking around the 28th, some dubious or otherwise disturbing financial reports around the 21st.)

Mercury's retrograde continues until the direct station at 1 Gemini on June 8, so you can expect that Murphy's Law will be much in evidence until then. You know the drill by now, I'm sure: whatever can go wrong readily does, all else being equal - and usually at the most inopportune time possible. So take nothing for granted, double-check and follow-up on everything. Allow plenty of extra time for delays, because they're par for the course when Mercury's retro. What kind of delays? Snafus in the transportation, communication and information infrastructure, due in most cases to accidents caused by human error or bad weather - but in some cases, inadequate design will be at fault. (And in others, malicious attacks raise havoc.) Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Mercury retrograde is good for nothing. It's good for finding and fixing mistakes, because there's so much raw material of this sort to work with. And just in case you think you've seen the ultimate in human silliness and fallibility, keep your eyes open during the Mercury retro period: there's bound to be a surprise or two!

After all the Mars and Saturn and Pluto activation in May, June is bound to seem relatively calm and peaceful in comparison. It may take until mid-month for this to become evident, given that Saturn remains within a few degrees of its May 26 opposition to Pluto until then. The period around June 10 in particular looks fretful, maybe even frightful: in the shadow of the solar eclipse that day (conjunct Saturn, opposing Pluto), Mars reaches last year's December 30 eclipse degree on the 11th. This isn't end of the world stuff, as some hysterics proclaim. But it is more of the same bloody confrontation that kept gravediggers busy in the Middle East and South Asia for the past couple of months. And the risk of Islamic terror attacks in the West (including the US) will once again peak around the time of the eclipse. (And again at the end of the month, as Mars moves to within a degree or so of its July 3 alignment with Jupiter.)

National horoscopes with pronounced connections to the June 10 eclipse degree (20 Gemini) and the late June-early July Mars-Jupiter alignment (23 Cancer) include the usual suspects: Israel, India, Pakistan and the US. To which Indonesia must be added this time. Coming just four days after Saturn aligns with the Moon's north node, this solar eclipse signals great potential danger for the US in particular. It falls right on Mars in the US Declaration of Independence chart, for one thing: a warning of war and destruction. A warning intensified by Saturn being conjunct both the eclipse and the north lunar node while at the same time opposing Pluto. This eclipse, incidentally, belongs to Saros Cycle 137. That cycle began in 1389, a seminal period in the early development of nationalism in Western civilization. I see no "end of the world" scenarios here, not even an India-Pakistan nuclear exchange: just more of the same artillery duels, limited military incursions and terror atrocities in the Middle East and South Asia. The Mars-Jupiter alignment of late June-early July happens less than two degrees from the solar position at the moment Muhammad arrived in Medina, the birth chart for Islam, while the June 10 eclipse squares Mars in that same horoscope. So sometime in the period around and between June 10 and July 3, there's another concerted Islamic terrorist attack in the works - aimed, not just at Israel as usual, but at the US and Europe as well. (Is anybody counting the nuclear bombs in Pakistan's arsenal? When the dust clears from the current fracas, are they all still present and accounted for?)

JUN 24 Full Moon (Lunar EclipseWhile these bellicose portents are of the type associated with wars and rumors of war, they're also significant at the personal level. Which means people are bound to be on edge and irritable around the two eclipses and as Mars and Jupiter align at month's end. Steer clear of trouble, be aware of its antecedents so that you aren't drawn in or victimized. Stay focused, keep your wits about you: there are accidents and assaults aplenty at times like this, and the unwary get into more than their share. Be calm and clear-headed so you can be safe! Crimes and accidents will fill the headlines at times like this: better you should read 'em than make 'em.

About the only time you can let down your guard with a prayer of having it turn out right anyway is the first few days of June. Having Venus and Jupiter align in the evening sky as Uranus stations suggests surprises that turn out better than anyone expects. After that, it's back to the daily grind.

With its two eclipses, June cranks up the geophysical engine that drives geological and meteorological upheaval. So expect heavy weather and moderate to severe seismic activity (including Richter 5+ earthquakes as well as volcanic eruptions) to make headlines off and on just about all month; but especially between the 3rd and 17th and the 21st and 27th. In addition, keep a weather eye peeled around the 19th (give or take a day), when the Moon reaches perigee at the same time it crosses the celestial equator southward.

The June 10 solar eclipse at 20 Gemini signals an increase in storm and seismic risk worldwide from the 3rd through the 17th. This particular alignment could end up being especially costly in terms of damage to property, if not in terms of human life per se. (It's conjunct Saturn and opposite Pluto, after all.) Visible in most of North America, as well as from northern Australia through the island nations of the South Pacific and throughout much of Asia (including much of Indochina, China and all of Japan) . . . these are bound to be some of the notable target areas this time around. Other risk zones, as suggested by astro-locality, include western Alaska plus the Aleutians and Hawaii; also a couple of north-south strips running from west Africa up through western Europe and from central Africa up through the Mediterranean and across eastern Europe; plus an arc through Central America and the Caribbean Sea in the west and down the India-China border into eastern India in the east.

The full moon lunar eclipse at 3 Capricorn on June 24 points to a period of elevated geological and meteorological intensity in effect from the 21st through the 27th). Although the flooding, storm and seismic potential associated with this alignment can manifest virtually anywhere on Earth astro-locality may offer clues as to areas of special risk. They include the Pacific Northwest coast, Hawaii and western Alaska, east Africa and the Middle East, Great Britain and northern Europe on across Russia and down through eastern China, Japan; as well as the South Pacific down through the northeast coast of Australia on across New Zealand.


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