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last revised UT 22:26 OCT 31, 2000
If you were expecting some kind of sun sign nonsense, forget it. This is real astrology. See the section above. Please note: this forecast is expressed in terms of Universal Time (UT). Current UT date and time appear at the top of this page. (To update display, use your browser's reload/refresh button.) 

NOV 8 Mercury Station (Direct)November is a peculiar month, completely lacking when it comes to exact major configurations out in space. To be sure, the Jupiter-Pluto opposition that lined up precisely in September and October remains within just a few degrees of being exact throughout the first half of November. And there are a few hard solar alignments: a square (90 degree arc) to Uranus on the 9th (a shocking development) and oppositions to Saturn and Jupiter on the 19th and 28th respectively. But these are a natural part of Earth's annual orbit and therefore common enough to be not all that remarkable. The fact remains that there are no eclipses, no SuperMoons, no really significant planetary patterns forming to perfection out there in space over the month ahead. And by and large, that's a good sign.

NOV 11 Full MoonOf course, there's a lot of attention focused on the November 7 US Presidential election, which takes place under the aegis of the Sun-Uranus square, the Jupiter-Pluto opposition and Mercury's direct station: the results won't be known right away, that's for sure. Last year, in my Year 2000 Forecast Highlights, I wrote that "George W. Bush's chart has better transits than Al Gore's at election time." (This assumes, of course, that the charts for the two candidates are based on accurate birth data.) With Saturn transiting over his Venus on Election Day, Mr. Gore appears to be in for a letdown - a personal rejection in what amounts to a popularity contest (the popular vote). Whoever is reckoned the loser should immediately demand a recount: this will be a stolen election, as happened in 1960.

Lacking eclipses or SuperMoons to serve as major geophysical shock windows, November doesn't show a huge potential for major natural catastrophes. But there are a number of lesser triggers. For example, there's a bit of storm and seismic potential (Richter 5 or greater quakes plus volcanic activity) showing up in the first two days of the month, as the Moon reaches maximum declination south of the equator. This is followed by a period of relative calm lasting a week or so.

NOV 25 New MoonCrossing the celestial equator northward on the 9th and then turning full on the 11th, the Moon ushers in another period with higher than normal potential for strong storms and flooding as well as moderate to severe (Richter 5 or greater) earthquakes and volcanic activity. Luna reaches perigee (closest approach to Earth) late on the 14th and reaches maximum northern declination the following day. All things considered, I see this risk period extending from the 8th through the 16th before seismic and meteorological disturbances settle into a normal background pattern. This lasts only until the 20th, the day before Luna crosses the celestial equator southward. From this point though the end of the month - including the period from three days before to three days after the new moon on the 25th - we're into another geophysical shock window which ups the ante for strong storms, flooding and moderate to severe seismic action.

As always, these geophysical shock windows are planetary in scale and therefore it's impossible to pinpoint exact terrestrial focal points for greatest storm and seismic risk. That said, a strong winter storm originating in the eastern Pacific looks likely around the time of the full moon on the 11th. Storms in western Europe and an elevated risk of strong earthquakes in the Middle East, Japan, Indonesia and in the area of the Bering Strait are also suggested. The same areas plus Central America into southern Mexico appear to be likely targets around the time of the new moon on the 25th.

Equity markets appear to trend mostly favorable this month, at least as far as quality stocks are concerned: energy, financials and the communication and computer infrastructure stocks are apt to be the least risky choices available - but the emphasis is on proven quality, not speculative pipe dreams. The mostly positive trend won't be unbroken, but setbacks around the 9th, 19th and 29th - give or take a few days - shouldn't manage to ruin the month.


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