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If you were expecting some kind of sun sign nonsense, forget it. This is real astrology. See the section above. Please note: this forecast is expressed in terms of Universal Time (UT). Current UT date and time are at the end of this paragraph. (To update display, click on your browser's reload/refresh button.)     

August picks up the pace out in space, what with several planetary stations and a SuperMoon alignment all happening this month. (Stations, when a planet appears to stand still in the heavens as seen from earth, always come at the beginning or end of a planetary retrograde. They invariably bring a heightened emphasis on all things symbolized by the stationary planet, and by the sign in which the station occurs.) The dog days of summer may be upon us, but nobody’s going to let sleeping dogs lie with this kind of celestial activation going on.

Saturn’s station on the 1st at 20 Aries - with Mars in opposition - ushers it all in. Actually, this phenomenon has been in effect throughout July as well, what the Ringed Planet spending all of July within a degree of its August 1 station point. (This retrograde lasts until December 16.)

As I indicated in last month’s forecast, the August 1 Saturn station points to a downturn in the financial markets. Since the Ringed Planet remains within a degree of its August 1 station from June 27 through September 5, the exact timing for an equities crunch is hard to discern. But it’s strongest between about July 15 (when Venus opposes Jupiter) and August 17 (the day of the Mercury station) - and particularly within a few days either side of August 1, the actual day of the station. As I write this the major US equity markets are still riding high. Unless I’m very wrong, that’s about to end.

Next in the August station lineup is Pluto, which turns retrograde on the 13th at 3 Sagittarius: the aristocracy takes the common folk to the cleaners is one reading for this one. As this takes place in the sign historically associated with the religious, legal and educational institutions - well then surely these will be factors in what occurs around this time: there will be a forcible taking, an imposition of power on the helpless. (If you’re anywhere that religious intolerance and political conflict mix, keep you’re head down - and watch your back.) Pluto remains within a fraction of a degree of its station point all month, but the aspect is strongest around the1st, the 12th through the 15th and the 22nd.

Mercury goes retrograde at 16 Virgo on the 17th, ushering in three weeks of Murphy’s Law run rampant: printing and communications screw-up, missed or mixed messages, generally whatever can go wrong doing so. Plan on it, work around it, and you’ll be miles ahead of anyone who doesn’t know what to expect. (On a more positive note, this would be a great time to take a second look at plans, budgets and schedules; to go back and fix whatever has gone wrong in the last three weeks.) Some kind of significant labor and public health problems are likely to crop up sometime between August 17 and September 10 (the day the retrograde ends, and the approximate midpoint in time of the two September eclipses).

The August 3 new moon, in effect July 31 to August 6, indicates a stronger than usual potential for seismic and meteorological events (flooding too). Far stronger is the full moon on the 18th, in effect from the 15th through the 21st. This one happens to be a SuperMoon alignment: a new or full moon which occurs at or near (within 90% of) the moon’s closest approach to earth. An upsurge in strong storms, coastal flooding (due to higher than usual tides) as well as inland flooding (due to heavy rains) is in the picture, along with a greater than usual number of moderate to severe seismic activity (volcanic eruptions, Richter 5 or higher quakes).

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