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Jupiter-Saturn Opposition
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The Jupiter-Saturn opposition is an arc of 90 degrees between these two planets. It occurs at intervals of 9-10 years on average; although in most instances there's a three-peat within 12 months, due to Jupiter going retrograde after making the initial aspect. These triplet squares are of special interest, since they occur when Jupiter is at or near its perigee (closest approach to Earth). Squares that occur when both planets are retrograde are of paramount importance, occurring as they do with both Jupiter and Saturn at or near perigee.

The 90 degree arc between two points in a square aspect can be formed either in the waxing phase, or the waning phase. The waxing phase, the first square to be formed following the conjunction that begins the cycle, occurs when the faster moving planet in the pair (in this case, Jupiter) reaches a point 90 degrees ahead of the slower planet. The waning phase occurs when the faster planet reaches a point 270 degrees ahead of (90 degrees behind) the slower planet. In either case, there's a separation of 90 degrees between the two.

The square, like any other aspect, is a phase in a cycle. It makes sense only if considered in the context of the whole cycle. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins with the conjunction of these two planets, which happens at intervals of approximately twenty years. From ancient times, this conjunction (known as the "Great Chronocrator" has been understood as the timing the birth of social, economic and political cycles. The waxing square phase in this cycle - five years after the conjunction - is a time when adaptation to the new impetus becomes critical: compromise or conflict, something needs to be done because it can't be ignored. The waning square phase of the cycle comes fifteen years after the conjunction, and times an impulse to formalize and preserve what is by then already a fading innovation.

Examples of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition in the birth charts of the famous and infamous include comic and filmmaker Woody Allen; entertainers Josephine Baker and Bette Midler; murder victim Bonnie Lee Bakley; serial killer Ted Bundy; astronomers George Abell and Bart Bok; a couple of entertainers noted perhaps as much for talent as for their penchant for self-destruction, namely Courtney Love and Angelina Jolie; humorist Erma Bombeck; dictators Fidel Castro and Oliver Cromwell; singer/actress Cher; pop guru Deepak Chopra; jazz composer Miles Davis; popular singers Bobby Darin, Donovan and Buddy Holly; TV talker Phil Donahue; actresses Sally Field, Cloris Leachman and Suzanne Somers; Czech President and playwright Vaclev Havel; Playboy Hugh Hefner; historic US General and President Andrew Jackson; writer Jack London; Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana; "sun sign" columnist Sydney Omarr; shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis; actors Gregory Peck and Sidney Poitier; and historic inventor Nikola Tesla.

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