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updated AUG 11, 2008



Q. How come I get a message asking what to do with this type of file when entering your website? My computer asks if I want to open the file, save it to disk, or what.

A. Youíre being prompted what to do with the audio file. Tell your computer to go ahead and open it - itís a harmless .WAV sound file - and tell it not to ask again for this type of file. If you don't do this, you WILL get spurious JavaScript errors since you aren't allowing the audio files to open. These files are JavaScript objects for Astropro's interactive audio features, and so if they aren't present the JavaScript can't work properly. Once you permit the audio files to open, be sure to let the page finish loading before mousing over the control buttons on the page. Those buttons are interactively scripted such that various audio files are JavaScript functions attached to the buttons. If the audio files haven't finished loading and you mouse over a button, you WILL get a JavaScript error message. However once the audio files are loaded, no error messages will be generated on a mouse-over. So please, let the page load - thanks!



Q. Which is the right URL to use when linking to Cosmic Connections?

A. Please link ONLY to http://www.astropro.com/featues/conxions/ (or more specifically, http://www.astropro.com/features/conxions/index.html).


Q. Got a question?

A. Let me know and you'll get an answer.

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