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Herewith, thanks and links to some gracious and discerning folks . . .


AstrologyWizard Site of the WeekMany thanks to Paul Wade for choosing Astropro as the AstrologyWizard site of the week for May 5, 2002. (Paul's site is optimized for Internet Explorer 4 and has a Flash option - flashy indeed!)

Suite 101 Best-of-Web AwardThanks to Suite 101 and reviewer Nancy Jobes for naming Astropro "one of over 25,000 hand-picked and selected links on over 800 topics in our Best-of-Web Directory" on January 19, 2000.

The Mountain AstrologerThanks to The Mountain Astrologer and reviewer Mary Plumb for selecting Astropro ("a fantastic site for researchers and data collectors") as their featured Astro-site for October 1999. TMA is well known among astrologers as one of the very best astrology journals in print anywhere in the world today, which is why it's a special honor for Astropro to be among their selected websites.

Daily Web SiteThanks to Daily Web Site for selecting Astropro as their featured site of the day for April 10, 1999. For lots more quality selections, be sure to see their archive of past award winners (dating back to December 1998).

Suite 101 Astrology Top 5 AwardThanks to Nancy Jobes, Astrology Editor at Suite 101, for recognizing Astropro as a Top 5 astrology site on March 11, 1999. We're in some mighty good company here, along with the likes of Astrodienst, Astrolog and Zodiacal Zephyr. And it's very nice to hear Astropro lauded in such glowing terms: "It is hard to classify this site by astrologer Richard Nolle. Not only does it offer his sessions and predictions, but it also has an enormous database of links and award winning sites. This site has information galore. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, this is a great place to begin your search!" While you're over at Suite 101's Astrology Section, be sure to check out the featured astrology articles!

6-Pack To GoThanks (again!) to Six Pack To Go for including Astropro among the half-dozen selected sites for March 6, 1999. As always, Six Pack keeps no archives, so you'll just have to check in daily to get the latest selections.

M-Comp Golden Ratio AwardThanks to Charlie Higgins at the now defunct site Mensionization Complementation, for recognizing Astropro with a Golden Ratio Award on November 11, 1997. More especially, thanks Charlie, for those kind words: "The mathematical golden ratio was used by the ancients to build symetrical, proportional structures of architecture and I feel that this web site is a golden ratio in its structure and service to the astrological community."

WebFest AwardThanks to Lee Miller at WebFest, for recognizing the good work Tees Reitsma does in making Astropro's Cosmic Connections the Web's foremost up-to-date source of information on astrological conferences, newsgroups and mailing lists around the world and all over the World Wide Web. "Thank you for creating such an informative site for astrologers," wrote Lee in her October 20, 1997 email conveying the award to Tees. (Truer words were never spoken, Lee. Tees is a world-class treasure.)

Adze's Cosmic Site of the NightThanks to AdZe MiXXe for featuring Astropro's Cosmic Connections by Tees Reitsma as the Cosmic Site of the Night for June 6, 1997. Tees does great work, and she deserves to be recognized for providing an invaluable resource to the astrological community. Good job Tees - you earned this one!

Six Pack To GoWell, on February 3, 1997 it happened again: Web-Star slipped us into another Six Pack To Go. Whenever Astropro gets one of these duplicate awards, I wonder: did they lose track of the first one, or did we do something new they liked? In any case, thanks Web-Star!

Hot 5 Links of the Week AwardThanks to Annika's Hot 5 Sites of the Week of Sweden for picking Astropro as one of the select sites for the week of January 26 - February 1! Annika has been highlighting websites of interest to me for some time now, so it's an honor to numbered among her selections.

6-Pack To GoWonder of wonders, Astropro was featured in Six Pack To Go - "The Newest of the New And The Hottest of the Hot" - for Monday, January 6, 1997. (Thanks, Six Pack!) Six Pack to Go doesn't archive their selections, so check in daily for a half dozen hot new sites.

AvatarSearch Mystic Site Award Thanks as well to AvatarSearch, "the Search Engine for the Occult Internet," for their January 2, 1997 award to Astropro. I've been using and enjoying AvatarSearch off and on for months now, so it's especially gratifying to be included in their select company of websites which "demonstrate both Excellence in Design and provide an important resource to Mystics and Occultists Worldwide." (If it's anything occult you seek, do try their unique search engine.)

Adze's Cosmic Site of the NightA special thanks to AdZe MiXXe, Astrologer Extraordinaire, for his December 19, 1996 Cosmic Site of the Night award to Astropro. I have admired AdZe's picks for some time now, and recommend them to anyone with eclectic metaphysical interests. To be admitted into the company of his site selections is a special treat and a delightful honor. (Don't stop at checking out AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night picks - explore the rest of his site starting with the home page!)

Cool Central Thanks again to Cool Central, whose December 18, 1996 "Cool Site of the Hour" reprise award spotlighted Astropro from 11 PM to midnight that evening. Which makes me wonder a couple of things. [1] Did they forget they gave us the very same award some six weeks before? and [2] Now that Astropro has been "Cool Site of the Hour" twice, will 22 more such awards make us a whole "Cool Site of the Day"? In any event, thanks Cool Central!

Cool Central Thanks to Cool Central, for their November 1, 1996 "Cool Site of the Hour" award to this site. I heard fame is fleeting, but 2:00-3:00 PM is really amazing. On the other hand, it beats the hell out of Andy Warhol's chintzy fifteen minutes deal. How Cool Central manages to keep up with their hourly site selection pace is beyond me - but I've checked 'em out and found plenty of bookmarks. And while you're waiting for the next pick of the hour to pop up at Cool Central, check out the latest adventures of Nick Click, private eye . . .

Creme de la Creme Thanks to Creme de la Creme, for their October 10, 1996 selection and review of Astropro. Creme de la Creme reserves its awards "for internet sites that we consider to be exceptional in either content, presentation and/or creativity, that lead by example." And they do it with such style! (Seriously, their reviews are among the most entertaining experiences I've encountered on the Web.)

POTDThanks to Web-Star's "Page Of The Day"  for their September 23, 1996 selection of this site. (Web-Star doesn't archive awards. You've got to check in every weekday to see what's new, or you'll never know what you missed.)

Lynx Of The Week List Our very first award comes courtesy of Lynx of the Week, honoring Astropro with their August 16, 1996 award of a "Perfect 10" to this site, described as "a superb utilization of the web by a professional astrologer."

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