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Change being the only constant, it's the Tao of the Web that sites move and go down. Please let me know if you run across a link here that no longer works. (You can click on the email button at the bottom of this page if you like.) Thanks!


Ad Council
A source of online banner ads for the altruistic webmaster, as well as details on the Ad Council and their public service mission since 1942.
HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION: A kind of consumer rating on electronic ad agencies - of interest to webmasters everywhere. DO NOT sign up with any ad program without checking it out here FIRST!!!!
Microsoft bCentral
This website which can set up ads for your site on its own network of sites.
NET-ADS - Get More Hits. Make More Money.
You'll find lots of website promotion & development ideas here.
SmartClicks:Targeted Banner Advertising for Free!
"Dr. Webster" speaks highly of this one.
WebSite Banner Advertising: Ad Networks, Brokers, and Exchanges
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, Mark J. Welch's consumer rating on electronic ad agencies, although dated, is of interest to webmasters everywhere. DO NOT sign up with any ad program without checking it out here. Buy, Sell and Trade Web Sites
Wanna sell or buy a website? Check here!


Midi for your enjoyment!
How to add MIDI (and jukebox for same) to your website.
SOFTVision Concepts, USA - Java Script Source Site for Midi Players
Check this site for JavaScript code to run streaming MIDI via the Crescendo plug-in.
Web Developer's Virtual Library: Embedding Sound in Web Pages
Weiss, Aaron- Pippar Purrs
A website demonstrating the use of JavaScript with LiveAudo to deliver audio content using Netscape Navigator 3+

CGI - Common Gateway Interface


Behold! Software- Web Page Counter
Here's where you can get a "donation-ware" CGI web page counter displays the number of hits a page receives.
This site offers different digit styles for use with counters and clocks - including the counter CGI available from Behold! Software.


BUILDER.COM - Web programming - the abc's of CGI
An online tutorial in creating CGIs
CGI Collection
A searchable collection of over 1200 CGI resources (including scripts) in over 200 categories.
CGI Directory
Hundreds of scripts, an online tutorial on CGI programming & much, much more - an invaluable resource.
CGI Storehouse
Hundreds of scripts: all free, tested & verified
Matt's Script Archive
Matt Wright provides lots of useful CGI scripts here in Perl and HTMLScript, a few in C++, all free for the downloading (with acknowledgment) - RECOMMENDED.
Muquit, Muhammad A.- Home Page
Muhammad is the author of quite a few CGIs and shares them with you here: counters, calendars, etc.
Ranson's Freeware CGI Scripts
Scripts in perl to run on Unix, including counters, guestbooks and more . . .
A searchable archive of CGIs and other scripts (Java, JavaScript etc.)
Sol, Selena - Public Domain CGI Archive & Resource Library
Here's a great place to pick up on CGIs, from an archive of lots of them. Guest books, email forms, etc. Highly recommended both as a script and learning resource.


BulletProof FTP
A premium FTP package with some nifty features
A spiffy utility, from the sound of it: maps an FTP site to a network drive letter. Haven't tried it myself yet.
FTP Voyager
Versatile and powerful yet very easy to use, highly recommended
WSFTP - Windows Sockets FTP Client 32-bit from Ziff-Davis
This is a really good basic FTP program for Windows 95. I use the Pro version myself.


see Astropro's NetSelect Directory, Website Graphics Section


Hosting 2000! - Customer Support
If you're a newbie webmaster, or a wannabe, you've GOT to see Hosting 2000's help center! (And you don't have to be one of their clients.) Webmastering made easy.

Host Sites

Futureone Homepage
Genesis Website Hosting
Hosting 2000!
This Portland OR-based webhosting service can put your site online.
45 MB domain web hosting (YourName.Com) $8.25/mo.
Ultimate Web Host List!
A directory of web hosting sites, with comparative ratings and other info
Will's Web Service - Design, Hosting and Promotion


see Astropro's NetSelect Directory, HTML Section
Check here for resources on HTML editors, validation, Dynamic HTML and more.



Introduction to Java Course - IBM Education
IBM offers Java education right on the Web.


Applet Collection
Several dozen applets are available free for the downloading here.
Java (TM) Boutique
More than 100 working Applets, along with instructions for downloading and including them in other Web pages.
Sun Microsystems JavaSoft Home Page
Sun Microsystems' Java site, your source for the latest news, downloads (including updates), etc.


Java Developer's Journal
JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community


Java Home - The Ultimate Resource for Java Developers
This IBM site is practically an online Java seminar
A searchable archive of CGIs and other scripts (Java, JavaScript etc.)
Web Developer's Virtual Library: The Java Universe
Applets, examples, tutorials


Iavadraw for Windows 95
Pretty nifty Java editor - 13 Mb download from ZDNet Software Library.
All kinds of Java goodies free for the downloading
JPad JavaI DE
Requires Sun Microsystems Java Developer Kit, a 1/4 Mb download from ZDNet Software Library; gives you a Java editor, compiler, syntax-checker, and disassembler.
Sun Microsystems Java Developers Kit
An absolute MUST for the Java programmer, from Sun Microsystems - free about 8 Mb download from ZDNet Software Library.


24 Hour
Features over 1200 free JavaScripts, discussion groups, news and more
CNET TV- The Web - "how I did it"
Justin does Java Script
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
One of the best JavaScript resources I've found yet
HotSyte - The JavaScript Resource
Mecklermedia's JavaScript Source - "Cut & Paste" JavaScript Library
Hundreds of free of "cut & paste" JavaScripts
Netscape DevEdge JavaScript Authoring Guide
A JavaScript tutorial & reference
Netscape - JavaScript Form Validation Sample Code
A searchable archive of CGIs and other scripts (Java, JavaScript etc.)


Site Builder Network

Microsoft Site Builder Network (SBN)
Lots of free stuff including software and technical reference material

1000+ web development tools, scripts, etc. - lots of links to more.
Tips & techniques for website developers, how-to articles, etc.
"The Strangest Name in Web Authoring Resources." HTML, CGI-BIN, and advice for the novice to intermediate web-master. Everything is free - including the advice!
Browsers, Viewers and HTML Preparation Resources
BYTE Magazine - March 1998 / Cover Story / Weaving a Better Web
Cascading Style Sheets, DHTML, XML - get your feet wet!
Help with all kinds of stuff - web development and more.
One of the very best all-purpose help sites for web developers, this ZDNet site includes lots of free scripts (JavaScript, CGI etc.) and free utilities. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
An essential reference for the webmaster, with tips and tricks on CGI, Java, JavaScript and much more.
Eye Candy
Drop by here for some examples of excellence in website design.
Free Code,FreeInternet Source Code
An online archive of free downloadable website goodies - CGI, Java and more - to help you build your site.
Inficad Website Instructions & Tools
Lots of good links here, to help you get a website up and running.
Kim Komando's Online Tools For A Killer Homepage
Great resource for wannabe webmasters.
Info on & downloads of Macromedia Web authoring tools
Australian Web Design outfit's site has lots of useful resources & links.
Poor Richard's Web Site: Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web Site
Pretty much as it says . . .
RAW:Resources and Assistance for Webmasters
Help for the webmaster, JavaScript to go - "The Complete Resource for All Web Builders" - Free Clipart and More
A little bit of everything for the web-builder; no, make that a lot of everything!
Shilson, Darren- Welcome Home Page
A great website development resource, with graphics, HTML tutorials, JavaScript goodies and more
WebDesignTips HomePage
Articles on website development technique, references, reviews and more
Web Developer's Journal - an NCT Web Magazine
Must reading - drop in often.
Free scripts, tips, tools, tutorials & more: a must-see
Webmasters Only
Information and tools to help develop websites - covers all the bases, with info on HTML, JavaScript, Java, CGI etc.
Webmaster's Toolbox
Includes online data base tools, banner builders, bots, cgi, perl, streaming audio, 3D creations, graphics editors, graphics suites, multimedia, JAVA assemblers, applets, search engines and other forms of web page animation etc.
Think of this as a help center for website designers and developers: tricks, tips and tutorials.
"HTML, Webmastering, And Image Help For Everyone" - a help site for the webmaster and the wannabe.
WIMSE = Webmaster & Internet Marketing Search Engine, a new and searchable resource for building and promoting your website.


Add Channel Wizard Guide
Here's a pretty easy way to set up your site as a Netcaster channel.
Netcaster Developer's Guide
Check here for info on developing a Netcaster channel.
Netscape Web Building
Think of it as an online website developer's forum and magazine all rolled into one.

News Tickers

Integrated Newswire: The News Ticker
A simple little applet
News Harvester
Add a live news feed to your website free - see this site for details.

Perl - Practical Extraction & Report Language

BUILDER.COM - Web Programming - Cool Web solutions with Perl
Perl: The Swiss Army Chainsaw


AdZe's More Hits
Tips on getting more hits for your website, from the late AdZe MiXXe. If you're familiar with his website, then you'll recognize that he knew his stuff. AdZe shared freely - don't pass this one by!
BBL Internet Media - Website Promotion, Press Release
Ideas and help for getting the word out about your website
Tips on ways to promote your website, with lots of links to help you do it.
FreeLinks: The Ultimate Web Site Promotions Resource
A guide to free web site promotions, search engines and directories, and webmaster tools and resources.
Advanced web development concepts, including online marketing tactics: don't miss it.
Internet Marketing Library
Good ideas, free trial software to evaluate: ways to increase your site's presence and traffic.
NetPromote - Web Promotion and Search Engine Positioning
How to build & sustain traffic at your website - free promotion info
New Page List Submissions Page
Submit your new site here for consideration. If chosen, your site'll get free publicity.
Promotion 101 - Web Site Marketing and Promotion Info Center
Free articles, resources, tools & links to help you get your website noticed
Submit It!- Submit and Promote Your URL
A free online service for companies & individuals, which simultaneously submits your URL to more than a dozen major and minor search engines. If you've got a new web page, you've got to get over to Submit It!
Submit Your URL to the WebStep Top 100 Free Listings
Recommended, definitely one of the best of the free sites in this category
The Webby Awards
Check out this annual award site, more or less the Oscars of the Web.
Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines
Tips and tricks on getting your website into the search engines, and more

Web Rings

Rail--Glacier Point Software
Maybe the most comprehensive directories of web rings anywhere. Joining a ring is an easy way to promote your site, find similar sites, etc.

Website Awards
Links to awards sites all over the Web: submit your site, maybe you'll get a review and some extra traffic!
What's New Too!
Submit your site here!
Yahoo! - Add To
Here's where you'll find the form to submit your site to Yahoo!
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Internet: World Wide Web: Announcement Services
Yahoo!'s listing of website announcement services

Ratings Systems

evaluWEB PICS Support
A self-rating system
RSACi - Home Page
Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet - a self-rating site, maybe the most widely-used on the Web.
Safe For Kids Rating Description
SafeSurf Home Page
Another widely used rating system
W3 Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)
Find out about PICS meta codes and how to use them.
W3 REC-PICS-labels-961031
Syntax for PICS labels


404 Research Lab
Create your own 404 ("not found") error page, see some of the best on the Web.
BUILDER.COM - Web Servers - Analyze your Web site traffic
Ways to analyze traffic at your website
Cheap Domain Registration
Check to see if the domain name you want is available, then buy it here on the cheap.
This site features a searchable database which allows you to check to see if a domain name is available for almost every country in the world.
Delorie Software Web Stuff
Lots of useful tools for website developers here
A virtual "tool shed" for website developers
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
The official W3C draft
Joe Gillespie - Web Page Design for Designers
As it says
Good Documents: INTRAnet business writing from Dan Bricklin and Trellix
Lots of good stuff on designing web pages here, applicable to intranets as well as to the Internet/WWW
IBM Website Development Guide
This site from IBM has tips on user interface and Web design.
irt = Internet Related Technologies, and this searchable site pretty well covers the territory.
Enter a URL, check the links there: useful tool.
A Beginner's Guide to URLs
URL = Uniform Resource Locator
Web Design Resource
Tutorials and articles on every major aspect of website design: a must-see.
Web Developer's Virtual Library
As close as I've seen to a one-stop site when it comes to resources for WWW publishing. Definitely a must-see.
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
On online & real-time way of seeing your pages with various browser features enabled or turned off
Web Site Garage - One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site
A MUST-SEE site for any web developer: input your URL, get a diagnostic on your site
Web Standards Project: Resources
Links to guide you in just about everything connected with website development
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
An online style manual for webmasters
A collection of website design, production & maintenance links WAY too good to pass up

Search Engine

CNET: Add search to your site
Must reading if you're considering setting up a search capability on your website
Java Utilities: Site Search
ScriptSearch has compiled some Java utilities that just might be the ticket to ride if you're trying to set up a site search feature.
JavaScript Utilities: Site Search
JavaScript solutions to the site search function, cataloged by ScriptSearch
Perl Utilities: Site Search
Some Perl solutions for setting up a site search feature, from ScriptSearch
Thunderstone's Webinator is one way to add search capability to your website.

Search Engines, Website Development-Specific

DevSearch - The Web Developer's Search Engine
Maybe the single most valuable resource in this entire collection
NetSearcher Home Page

Typography, Fonts, Etc.

BUILDER.COM - Web Graphics - Terrific type tips
An excellent guide to typography in website design
See also Astropro's NetSelect Directory, Technology Section, Computers & Software, Fonts
(Check here for fonts you can download, etc.)


Web Page Purifier
This site will give you some idea what YOUR site looks like to the poor suckers using WebTV - in a word, BAD, I assure you. (See the official WebTV site for a downloadable WebTV viewer which more accurately reflects how sites appear to WebTV viewers.) It also lets you see your site as viewed under various HTML standards.
WebTV Developer
The official WebTV site for webmasters interested in developing sites for their standard - VERY highly recommended, be sure to download and USE the free WebTV viewer. (Bear in mind that the ultimate proof is to be had only by viewing a site through a real WebTV set.)


CNET: How to Add Video to Your Site
Thinking about adding video to your site? Don't miss this tutorial!


IBM Developers: XML
Lots of XML resources, a must-see
Includes full specs on XML, tips and tricks for using it, etc.


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