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Change being the only constant, it's the Tao of the Web that sites move and go down. Please let me know if you run across a link here that no longer works. (You can click on the email button at the bottom of this page if you like.) Thanks!

Advocacy & Analysis

AARP - WebPlace
Website of the American Association of Retired Persons
ACLU Freedom Network
America's ConservativeNet
A searchable database of conservative political sites on the Net
Americans for Fair Taxation
Their replacement for federal income tax: a national sales tax.
Amnesty International USA Campaign
A report on human rights in the USA
Cato Institute Homepage
The Libertarian think-tank . . .
Center for Democracy & Technology
Share their opposition to US legislation to censor the Net? Use their database, contact your congressional representatives!
Center For Public Integrity Home Page
Common Cause Citizen Action Network
Concerned Women for America
This organization describes itself as "the nation's largest pro-family women's organization".
Doug's Political Essays
Strictly conservative . . .

Ecology - Conservation Etc.

Conservation Fund
Ecological advocacy and activism . . .
Nature Conservancy
The ecological advocacy group's home page . . .
World Wildlife Fund - Living Planet
A multimedia ecological advocacy site

FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
"FAIR is the national media watch group that offers well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship."
FAS - Federation of American Scientists
"analysis & advocacy on science, technology and public policy concerning global security"
Freedom Forum On-line
There's a reason the First Amendment to the US Constitution came first - and a reason it was followed by the Amendment that comes next. (These folks focus on the former, forgetting the wisdom of Mao: "Political power comes from the end of a gun.")
Here's some cogent, calm and reasoned analysis of the US entitlements crisis - with workable solutions. Unless you're into forking over 85% of what you earn to the feds, you might want to read this stuff and then talk to your Congressional Reps. (One of those Tripod sites, with their annoying pop-up ad windows.)
Frontiers of Freedom Institute
A conservative think tank
Gritz, Bo - Center for Action
Heritage Foundation
A conservative think tank...


Wiesenthal Center
Zundelsite - Table of Contents

Judicial Watch
A "non-partisan, non-profit conservative foundation based in Washington, D.C., established to serve as an ethical and legal 'watchdog' over our government and judicial systems to promote needed political and legal reform." Provocative.
League of Women Voters of the United States
The official website of the national organization aiming to influence public policy through education and advocacy; links to state & local chapter sites are here as well.
Limbaugh, Rush - Rush-Online!
The conservative radio talker is making cyber-waves now.


Rise of the Militias
U.S. National Militia Directory
War Room -- Jim Quinn WRRK

National Rifle Association Home Page
National Security Website
The Heritage Foundation's site for analysis of US national security issues.
A must-see site for politics junkies, policy wonks, etc.


Action Forum of the Global Anti-Prohibition Movement

Project Megiddo
This Adobe Acrobat-formatted FBI report details their assessment of the potential for millennial madness on the part of various "extremist" groups - mainly in the US, but also in Jerusalem.


National Alliance
Nazism Exposed
Stormfront White Nationalist Resource Page

Right Side of the Web
Conservative perspectives on US politics.
Union of Concerned Scientists
They have a lot of concerns.


Official website of the North Atlantic Treat Organization

Cyber Politics

Campaign Web Review
A free biweekly newsletter studying the use of the Net by candidates and initiative campaigns in the 1998 US election cycle
Cult of the Dead Cow -- INDEX
EFF Action Alerts



Prime Minister of Australia's Homepage


CanOcean International Development Agency
Many links to Canadian governmental agencies...
Department of Justice: Laws
The Consolidated Statutes and Regulations of Canada, in English and French



Local Gov't

Provincial Gov't

Government of British Columbia


Local Gov't

Provincial Gov't

Manitoba Government


Local Gov't

King's Landing

King's Landing Historical Settlement

Provincial Gov't

Province of New Brunswick Home Page / Page de d├ępart - Province du Nouveau-Brunswick


Local Gov't



Provincial Gov't

Ontario Government - Canada

Chechen Republic

Chechen Republic Online
The official government site


Republica de Colombia


Egypt Information Highway

European Union

European Union (EU)
A PR site for the EU


Fiji - Official Goverment Site


French Senate

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Government Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco
An official site: get info, apply for visas, etc.


Government Home Page


Israel Defense Forces
The official website, with details on organization, history and more
Israel Government Gateway
The official website, in English & Hebrew


Kazakhstan Presidential Website
Lots of info on the country, bilingual site (English & Russian)


Kosova Home Page
Check here to get the Kosovar angle on the crisis in Kosova (aka Kosovo).


Experience Nicaragua
The history, economy & culture; trilingual site (English, Japanese, Spanish)


Government of Pakistan Official Home Page

Palestinian National Authority

Palestinian National Authority Official Website

Russian Federation

Goverment of Russian Federation Official Site
Bilingual: Russian and (some) English
Putin For President
Vladimir Putin's official campaign website, in Russian only - includes his official biography with (untimed) birth data: OCT 7, 1952 in Leningrad (now Petrograd)


Serbian Ministry of Information: Official News

South Africa

Embassy of South Africa - Washington DC
Get visa applications, news & more.


Royal Thai Government
Historical data, current policies, etc.


Official Web Site of the Tibetan Government in Exile


Ministry of Culture, Republic of Turkey
Info on Turkey's people & culture


Executive Branch

CCTA Government Information Service
A guide to UK government websites
No. 10 Downing Street
A virtual tour of the UK's executive mansion, with biographies of both the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers, press releases, interviews, transcripts and speeches - including a special one from Queen Elizabeth.


Bracton's De Legibus
A contemporary treatise on 13th Century CE English law, in English & Latin

Legislative Branch

House of Commons

Early Day Motions
A database of the House of Commons Early Day Motions - political posturing and trial balloons, as it were

Political Parties

The Labour Party's official website


British Monarchy
The official royals' site
The Prince of Wales
His very own website, yes indeed
For those with time to kill - gossip, bios etc. An unofficial site

United Nations

Electronic Field Trip to the United Nations
A PBS/Turner collaboration
General Assembly
The official website
Official Site of the Third Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC
Official propaganda organ for the bozos who are using nonexistent global warming to seize control of the planet. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!
United Nations Headquarters Homepage
The official website


see Astropro's NetSelect Directory, US Federal Government Section
Includes links to federal government; plus political parties, reference, etc.
see Astropro's NetSelect Directory, US State Government Section
Links to US state and local governments


Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
The official government website


ABA Network
Home page of the American Bar Association
ABA Network Lawyer Locator
Get info on US lawyers here.
ABA Online Journal
Online version of the American Bar Association's journal
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
If it's on the Net & has to do with law, you can probably find it here.
A resource covering the laws in many countries
Law Engine! (tm)
A legal search engine to help you find law-related sites on the Net.
Tons of law links, specific to various countries and US states as well as general. A massive resource . . .
LLRX Guide to European Legal Databases
Locate a Lawyer with!
US only
Legal Survival Website
An excellent legal resource for the non-lawyer
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
Get info on US & international lawyers here.
Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia
An online legal encyclopedia of sorts

News & Comment

CNN/Time AllPolitics
C-SPAN's White House 2000
Ongoing coverage of the 2000 Presidential campaign
National Journal's Cloakroom

Polls, Public Opinion

VOTELINK On-line Opinion Poll


Asia Society: Publications - Asian Updates
Atlapedia Online
An atlas, an encyclopedia: full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
Yale University Law School's Avalon Project features online "digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government."
CIA World Factbook Master Home Page
E-Conflict, World Encyclopedia and Simulation, profiles Nations of the World, Anthems, Flags and the Weather
National profiles, maps, flags and anthems
International Resources - Government Publications
Provided by Northwestern University
Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
Established in 1889, the IPU is a clearing house of information on national parliaments. This site has lots of info & links on and to these various governmental bodies.
Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series
Info on countries of the world
The Marxists Internet Archive
Includes online text for Marxist tracts back to Marx & Engels
NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks 1996 (NWDTT96)
Political Datasets - Roberto Ortiz de Zarate
Information on contemporary leaders from 185 countries and three international organizations
Political Resources on the Net
An invaluable resource for the political junkie, and astounding collection of links to worldwide political resources on the Net
Robert's Rules of Order Revised
The whole thing right here online for you, the manual of parliamentary procedure
State Capitals Newsletters Alert
Up-to-date briefings on bills, legislation, budgets, laws, regulations, etc.
Worldwide Embassies & Consulates Search Engine

Site Selectors (Political Only SOTD etc.)

Political Site of the Day
For the political junkies who can't do without their daily WebFix!


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