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Change being the only constant, it's the Tao of the Web that sites move and go down. Please let me know if you run across a link here that no longer works. (You can click on the email button at the bottom of this page if you like.) Thanks!

Cascading Style Sheets

W3C Cascading Style Sheets Home Page
Official specs, guidelines on using it, more . . .

General HTML Reference

Compact Index of HTML Tags
W3C HTML Home Page
Official specs for HTML, guidelines on using it, more . . .

HTML, Dynamic

Dynamic Drive DHTML Code Library
Original Dynamic HTML scripts are free for the downloading here.
Dynamic HTML Index- Examples of Dynamic HTML
Lots of links, good basic resource site on DHTML
Microsoft - Dynamic HTML
DHTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) & more
Web Style Sheets - W3C
For specs on DHTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) etc., check here.
WWWC - HTML 4.0 Specification
W3C's HTML 4.0 specs

HTML Instruction

Guides to HTML
HTML Goodies Home Page
Online HTML tutorial, free JavaScripts for the downloading and much more
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
HTML with Style
Online tutorials, from basics to CSS - recommended.
McElhaney, Patrick - Guide to HTML Style
Things to avoid when designing your website - some pretty good tips! Recommended.
Quadzilla Archive
A searchable online library.
University of Melbourne's Introduction to HTML course
Take the course online, or download it for study.

HTML Validation

CSE 3310 HTML Validator's Home Page
NOT a free online validator, but software you can buy for $24.95
NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation
A bot combs your website with a fine-tooth comb to find broken links, rate server response and validate HTML.
W3C MarkUP Validation Service
Can validate to W3C specs


This free online utility evaluates your META tags for you. Recommended.

Special Characters

Latin 1 & Unicode Characters
Very complete table of all the special characters you're ever likely to need

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